This Year’s Chanukah Gift Issue

Chanukah Gift Issue 5773

It’s time again to feature The Notorious R.A.V.’s picks for interesting Chanukah Gifts. This years’ selections include:

Yiddish Sweatpants – No, I’m not translating this. Find someone who speaks Yiddish. From the Rabbis Daughters company

One of several interesting sweaters for your Chanukah gift giving from Geltfiend

You need a hoodie at this time of year, from the folks at Woot

Toy Tefillin complete with Velcro straps. You can’t make this stuff up. Thanks to my friends at Yussel’s Place in Merrick for turning me on to these

Because, of course, you need a tallit to go with the tefillin, and Jewish Educational Toys makes sure you have one.

Get the music from a band that men cannot see in concert. Lovely Lubavitch Hasidic rocker gals at

My friends at Stereo Sinai mash up Gil Scott-Heron and Torah like nobody else, and you can get it at


So why didn’t you tell me the dog is Jewish? This from Modern Tribe


You need a menorah on your head, and can get it at Village Hat Shop


Have a Happy Chanukah!

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