When Halloween and Shabbat Worlds Collide

This is one of those years in which Halloween coincides with Shabbat. While I don’t care to address the many issues about Halloween and Judaism, there has been considerable conversation in my shtetl of Miami about how to deal with Trick or Treaters at the door when we’re trying to have a traditional Shabbat dinner.

One of the best solutions: putting a plate of goodies on a table near the front door, so that neighborhood kids can enjoy treats, while not disturbing our Shabbat dinner.

My Facebook friend, Tzipi Sutin, who in real life is a doula and an educator, will be leaving her goodies out with the following poem posted next to them:

Happy Halloween, we hope your holiday is fun.
Help yourself to candy but please take only one.

Why won’t we answer the door you ask,
to see your costume and your mask?

I’m sure you may have already guessed,
tonight is also the Jewish day of rest.

So have a happy Shabbos, or a Happy Halloween,
Whether you’re dressed like a zombie, a pirate or a queen.

We hope to see you next year, and maybe give you a fright,
When Shabbos doesn’t share a day with Halloween night.

Cool idea, huh?

Shabbat Shalom, folks. And Happy Halloween to those who celebrate it.

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  1. Love the poem! Thanks for sharing it.


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