Wishing you a Happy Pesach

כָּל דִּכְפִין, יֵיתֵי וְיֵיכוּל; וְכָל דִּצְרִיךְ, יֵיתֵי וִיפַסַּח


All who are hungry, come and eat. All who need, come and partake of the Passover offering.

With these words, the Passover Seder begins the story of the retelling of the Exodus from Egypt. Before joining in the festive meals, we invite those who are hungry to join us. Before we join in the ritual, we invite those who are in need to join in the ritual with us.

Two sentences reflect two related needs. In the first, we invite those experiencing physical hunger to partake with us. In the second, we invite those in need to join with us to meet their spiritual need. The two go hand in hand. The hungry and needy have both physical needs as well as spiritual and emotional needs. We enter the holiday of freedom by doing a check-in to make sure that both sets of needs are being addressed.

Looking around us today, we see those in need, perhaps more than any time in our lives. The economic situation of the past few years has been catastrophic for so many here and throughout the world. And disasters, both natural and man-made have impacted poor and wealthy alike. The result has been hunger and poverty that have reached people across all lines.

In the days before Passover, please join in reaching out to those who are needy, responding to physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Look around. See who needs a meal or an emotional boost or a taste of the spirit that can help his/her healing. Reach out in a way that you haven’t before. Stretch a little extra this year.

May you and your loved ones be inspired by the story of those who struggled for freedom in ancient times.

Best wishes for a chag sameach, a happy and blessed Pesach holiday,

Arnold D. Samlan


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