Learning from My Consulting & Coaching Clients

OK, seriously, my consulting and coaching clients are just the best. Since launching Jewish Connectivity, just months ago, the work has grown so quickly and in so many directions, that conversations of bringing on some of my most valued colleagues to help have begun.

First, what I’ve learned. Then, if you, the reader, are still aboard, a few quick updates on exactly what the growth of Jewish Connectivity has been like [and how YOU have made it happen].

What have I learned from this first year’s experience?

  1. As stated earlier, my consulting and coaching clients are the best. They’ve been patient, and also demanding. They’ve made sure that I give my best. They make me learn more and readily open their experience, their lives, and their organizations to me. It is a privilege to work with each of them. I am happy to add value to their work and their lives. It is an honor to join them in making great things happen.
  2. If you want to be a consultant or coach, make sure you really like people in all their diversity. This work is not for the person who only likes to work with one type of person or in one work style. There is not a day in which I have not had to open myself to the ways in which my clients prefer to work. To me, it’s not a challenge; it’s an opportunity to see work and the world through the eyes of others, and to learn from their perspective in the same way that I want them to learn from mine.
  3. I have a toolbox that includes skills and experiences, which is of value to others. Of even greater value is my love of people and of building and maintaining relationships, using them to create meaningful results. The experts call this social capital. I’m happy to put it to use for the right people and the right causes.
  4. One gift I like to give others is a sense of perspective. In a fast paced world, keeping perspective and remembering what is important is a huge part of my work.
  5. I’m picky. In spite of working to build a practice and a business, I have already turned away a few potential clients, because the work they wanted was not going to be the type that I could be proud of. The rabbis of the Talmud spoke of shem tov, having a good name. They totally understood branding. I understand enough about branding to have chosen Jewish Connectivity as the name of my venture. And I’m defending it by making sure that it stands for quality and for forward thinking and doing.
  6. To my great surprise, a number of valued colleagues had been using the word “entrepreneurial” to describe me long before I ever believed I was. My appreciation to them for recognizing this trait in me.
  7. I have great colleagues, from whom I learn so much. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with me, and letting me share it with others.

What does Jewish Connectivity look like today?

  • Clients are giving me the opportunity to change lives, raise money to improve the world, start a summer program in Israel, and educate teen leaders.
  • The Jewish Connectivity blog (which began as The Notorious R.A.V.’s) has had over 10,000 hits since it began a few years ago.
  • Jewish Connectiv has a following of over 1175 on Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/JewishConnectiv. The twitter feed includes words of wisdom, tough questions to ponder, suggestions for articles to read and learn from, and a lot of great stuff posted by others who I respect. And I am grateful to those who have forwarded my thoughts along to their networks.
  • JCastNetwork gave me an opportunity to create a series of mini-podcasts that highlight the idea of connecting life’s challenges and Jewish wisdom http://jcastnetwork.org/tzomet. Hundreds have tuned in over the first few weeks.
  • Invitations to join conversations and to share learning have been coming through. Thanks to those who’ve invited me to present at their conferences and meetings and to sit in and contribute to some truly fascinating gatherings.

All this is happening because of you: clients, readers, fellow travelers.

Thanks for the opportunity to make great things happen…together with you.

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