And last, but not least – Connection to Jewish Wisdom, Texts & Values

And now, the final post about how we measure one’s Jewishness in today’s world. This last component, and more assuredly not the least, is one’s connection to Jewish wisdom, texts and values. Some ways I would measure these:

  • Whether one owns (and actually opens) a Tanach, Jewish bible
  • Ownership (and reading) classical Jewish books
  • Ownership (and use of) books of contemporary Jewish wisdom
  • Regularity of visits to websites dedicated to Jewish wisdom and texts
  • Participation in volunteer work that is motivated by Jewish values

This list could, most certainly be broadened considerably. What I’ve tried to do is to give a sampling.

Next, I’ll give a summary of this entire series, along with a challenge for the researchers out there.

Thanks for sticking with me over this series!

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