Connectedness to Jewish Historical Experience

Next up in my series about the goal of Jewish educational experiences (and a measure of one’s true Jew quotient) is connectedness to the Jewish historical experience. Seems to me that the measures of how connected one is to the Jewish historical experience include:

  • Relationship to the Jewish calendar – How connected are you to Jewish holidays, both ancient and modern
  • Connectedness to Jewish historical events – This includes both cognition, knowing what and when major events took place in the history of the Jewish people, and affective connection, such as the degree to which one views Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel Independence Day, as a cause for great rejoicing
  • Involvement in Jewish genealogy – Connectedness to Jewish history may include curiosity about one’s ancestry, and even a commitment to researching it
  • Connectedness to modern historical events – In our times, the Shoah and the birth of the State of Israel are recent enough to warrant special mention as events to which the connected Jew will have a particular affinity

This series is nearing a conclusion, at which point, I’ll offer a quick summary and, most importantly, respond to my friend Paul G.’s challenge: why be Jewish at all?

More to come….

One response

  1. Arnie,

    While I think that each of us starts out trying to figure out our own “Jew Quotient” as we read this, I am actually trying to understand how an adult Jew-by-choice might relate to this … thoughts? from you or others?


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