Connectedness: To Jewishness

Continuing the conversation about Jewish connectedness replacing affiliation and membership as a key to the Jewish future, I’d like to suggest connection to Jewishness as a key component.

I see Jewishness as what many refer to as being “Jewy”, but raising the bar a bit. Here are some ways that people express their connection to their Jewishness:

  • Visiting Israel
  • Reading Jewish authors who write about Jewish characters or Jewish concerns
  • Owning Jewish or Israeli art and/or music
  • Consciously purchasing Israeli products
  • Inviting those who are not Jewish to partake of Jewish events or observances
  • Reading Jewish blogs, newspapers, and newsfeeds
  • Focusing interest on news events pertaining to Jews, Jewish concerns or Israel
  • Engaging in family conversations around issues to Jewish interest

What I am proposing is a multivariate, complex definition of what it means to be connected Jew today. More ideas to follow. Thanks for your feedback, and looking forward to the continued conversation.

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