Connectedness: To the Jewish People

If, as I’ve suggested, it is Jewish connectedness that is the key to the Jewish future, rather than “affiliation” defined by memberships, then the question is “connectedness to what?”

My response: there are many ways to be connected. The first set that I propose is Connectedness to the Jewish People. If we look at this set of connections, it might look like this:



  • Number and percentage of Jewish friends
  • Number and percentage of social network contacts who are Jewish
  • Participation in tzedaka that is either under Jewish auspices and/or benefits Jewish recipients
  • Participation in Jewish community events
  • Participation in Jewish organizations
  • Follows news related to Israel
  • Follow news related to Jewish communities, either locally, nationally or internationally
  • “JEWDAR” – That profound ability to spot other Jewish individuals or the tendency to unintentionally find one’s self in a group of Jewish individuals in social settings [including the gym, restaurants, malls, parties, country clubs, supermarkets



Soon to follow: Other aspects of Connectedness — Connectedness to Jewishness [also known these days as “being Jewy”], Connectedness to Jewish Historical Experience, Connectedness to Jewish Wisdom.

Stay tuned.

3 responses

  1. Very interesting subject you’ve touched upon. While teaching my students about Jewish Lifecycle and Jewish American History, I started the year by dicussing the idea of “Jewish Identity” – what they believe makes them Jewish, how/when they feel Jewish, what they think is most important in order to be considered Jewish (aside from just being born a Jew.) Many of their ideas and thoughts go hand in hand with your “Jewish Connectedness.” It’s interesting that the things you mentioned were similarily mentioned by my 10 and 11 year olds. It seems we’re on the same wavelength.


  2. Simple and completely correct!!! Now what does that mean to me as a Jewish Educator in a supplementary school. Just curious. . . .


  3. I totally agree with your list but, could an independent not profit, not membership required,”Chavurah” be included on your list?


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