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My new venture, Jewish Connectivity, began this month. Intended as a way of sharing creative, engaging ways to connect teachers, parents & learners to Jewish wisdom and Jewish heritage Currently, we’re offering Jewish wisdom and teaching and parenting ideas on Facebook (Jewish Connectivity page) and Twitter 

(@jewishconnectiv). The first fruit of this work includes:

JewishConnectivMay 13, 12:22pm via HootSuite

Mazel tov to former @JewishEd intern Chaviva Galatz, a 36 under 36 of @NYJewishWeek
JewishConnectivMay 13, 12:10pm via HootSuite

RT @OpenTorah: צָרִיךְ לְהִתְגַּבֵּר מְאד מְאד לִהְיוֹת בְּשִׂמְחָה תָּמִיד
JewishConnectivMay 13, 8:20am via HootSuite

Here’s a great tool for Jewish conversations among families or in class
JewishConnectivMay 12, 2:40pm via HootSuite

@punktorah inviting program ideas for next year. You, your kids, your students can recommend
JewishConnectivMay 12, 8:35am via HootSuite

Russell Simmons: success is from surrounding himself with smart people. Pirkei Avot: make your home a gather place for wise people. Discuss

JewishConnectivMay 11, 5:25pm via HootSuite

Your students are using QR codes. You should at least know what they are.
JewishConnectivMay 11, 5:11pm via HootSuite

Check out Richard Solomon’s list of web tools for Jewish education and educators
JewishConnectivMay 11, 5:03pm via HootSuite

@miriamjayne of @JewishEd on the value of a social media policy for your organization

JewishConnectivMay 11, 3:54pm via HootSuite

Explore today’s world of Israel education this summer with @TheiCenter
JewishConnectivMay 11, 3:41pm via HootSuite

Register now to learn social media skills for your work in the Jewish community through @DarimOnline
JewishConnectivMay 11, 10:35am via HootSuite

RT @jlearn20: Attn Jewish day school admins: @AVICHAIFNDTN scholarship for #iste conf: Deadline 5/12; apply now!
JewishConnectivMay 11, 9:46am via HootSuite

If you’re a synagogue middle/high school teacher in greater NY who loves games in teaching, DM me. There’s an opportunity for you.
JewishConnectivMay 10, 3:22pm via HootSuite

How about an R & B Hatikva? Happy Yom Ha’atzmaut!
JewishConnectivMay 10, 1:38pm via HootSuite

Another metal Hatikva. Happy Yom Ha’atzmaut!
JewishConnectivMay 10, 6:39am via HootSuite

Happy Yom Ha’atzmaut. Rock on with this guitar version of Hatikva
JewishConnectivMay 09, 10:27pm via HootSuite

Israeli-Brazilian vocalist’s Hatikva. Happy Yom Ha’atzmaut!
JewishConnectivMay 09, 9:00pm via HootSuite

Happy Yom Ha’atzmaut & a Rockin’ Hatikva!
JewishConnectivMay 09, 8:43pm via HootSuite

Watch @JewishConnectiv and Jewish Connectivity on FB for great versions of Hatikva

JewishConnectivMay 09, 7:13am via HootSuite

Yom Hazikaron. Time to reflect on the nature of heroism and unique nature of Jewish heroism. May Israel’s heroes’ memories be a blessing
JewishConnectivMay 06, 11:24am via HootSuite

Suggested reading: Making Hebrew School like Summer Camp, by @Bryfy
JewishConnectivMay 06, 10:10am via HootSuite

Suggested read: More on how Jews should respond to Bin Laden’s fall
JewishConnectivMay 05, 10:45am via HootSuite

RT @punktorah: Are you excited???? Coming Soon | The G-d Project
JewishConnectivMay 05, 7:38am via HootSuite

Happy new month. Which part of the blessing speaks to your heart this Rosh Chodesh? To your family? To your students?
JewishConnectivMay 04, 8:29am via HootSuite

Jewish family learning through meaningful family conversation: What if it all went up in smoke?
JewishConnectivMay 03, 5:17pm via HootSuite

How do we educate towards the Jewish futures? One secular educator says this is what to consider. Thoughts?
JewishConnectivMay 02, 12:47pm via HootSuite

RT @JewishTweets: May is Jewish American Heritage Month! Click here for President @BarackObama‘s Proclamation: #jahm
JewishConnectivMay 02, 12:34pm via HootSuite

RT @jewishgps: Response Lesson to explore the Jewish response to the death of Osama bin Laden
JewishConnectivMay 02, 7:57am via HootSuite

Bin Laden death is teachable moment abt how we deal with death of enemy. Watch this space for blog post and teaching ideas

JewishConnectivApr 28, 8:22am via HootSuite

Your students can create comics to illlustrate their learning at
JewishConnectivApr 27, 2:48pm via HootSuite

RT @DarimOnline: Social Media Boot Camp for Jewish Educators application deadline May 2. Details : #jed21 #jdstech
JewishConnectivApr 27, 1:13pm via HootSuite

In case you missed this, thinking about Holocaust Education from NY Times blog
JewishConnectivApr 26, 10:56pm via HootSuite

Idea: The Passover food we’re tired of is lifesaver. Be Jewish connector: Ask grocers to give Pesach foods to you for donation to food bank
JewishConnectivApr 26, 10:55pm via Facebook

Idea: The Passover food that we’re tired of can be a lifesaver. Classes & families can be Jewish connectors: Ask…

JewishConnectivApr 24, 2:05pm via HootSuite

According to tradition, on 7th (final Biblical day) of Pesach, Sea of Reeds was split. Reflect on the “seas” that you’ve crossed in life.
JewishConnectivApr 24, 1:13pm via HootSuite

The Notorious R.A.V. on Easter & need to raise level of knowledge of day school students about other faiths & communities
JewishConnectivApr 24, 12:28pm via Facebook

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Looking forward to continuing conversation and learning here, at Jewish Connectivity on FB and @jewishconnectiv on Twitter 

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