Method to my (Social Media) Madness

Some blogs, Facebook updates and Twitter feeds seem to have well-focused plans and patterns. Communication strategies are well thought-out in advance and all postings align with what might best be considered a branding and marketing strategy. Mine appears, to the superficial reader, to be non-existent. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Here are my goals and strategies in my social media use:

  • I am a connector. I love to connect seemingly unconnected ideas, ways of thinking, opinions, research and facts. I also love to connect people who I think can teach and learn from one another, or will just enjoy one another
  • Facebook in particular, gives me an opportunity to connect. I’ve helped to reconnect people with long-lost family members and with old friends. And I’ve reconnected with old friends all over the place. And thanks to my use of social media (and yours), there are few places, at least in Israel and North America, where I cannot meet up with people who I’ve discovered or rediscovered through social media
  • I am a rabbi/educator who loves to challenge people. A provocateur, if you will. Sometimes, the Facebook update or Twitter post is there to push buttons, challenge assumptions, or to make you laugh. Most importantly though, it’s there to start conversation and to help us to all build relationships through which we can learn and grow.
  • The biblical verse that defines me (we should all identify one) is “serve God through joy” (Psalm 100). Sometimes, a posting is just there to try to induce joy or laughter.

That, in a nutshell is my social media strategy. What’s yours?

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