Diddle this Passover: Why Branding is Important

I’m a new convert to the specialty in marketing they call branding. As a non-profit executive, I’ve always been somewhat of a marketing fan, albeit from a distance. Communication of what you organization does, and why it is especially important, is critical in today’s market. And while non-profits and for-profits differ in some very important ways, non-profits can learn from some practices in the for-profit arena.

So, as the organization for which I work is deeply engaged in a merger, and has revamped its approach to the work in Jewish education, branding specialists entered the room. The more I listened and observed them listening to our staff and our “consumers”, the more my respect for their profession grew. These branding specialists understand how to identify the people whose voices need to be heard, ask the right questions to get at important information about an organization, and critically read mission statements and other documents to understand exactly what an organization wants to stand for. They learn about the field in which a company works, and develop the tools — name, logo, etc. — that will allow the organization to best communicate its value to an eager public.

And, in case I wasn’t already impressed by what branding and marketing people do for a corporation, the point was driven home during Saturday night Passover food shopping. Whether the company tried to work without the requisite branding and marketing consultants or staff, or whether they had consultants or staff that just didn’t do an adequate job of research, the result was rather comical:


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