Can You Write a Caption for This?

One day, a newspaper machine appeared in front of our synagogue, offering copies of the 5 Towns Jewish Times. The Times is a uniquely New York Orthodox Jewish newspaper, offering articles in which a small percentage of the 10 percent of Jews who are Orthodox (Jews themselves constituting 2.2% of Americans) might be interested. No authors are likely to win the Pulitzer Prize, but the newspaper offers would-be anthropologists a look into a well-organized and committed minority-of-a-minority community.

Last week, the advertisement below appeared in the publication. Despite numerous attempts on the part of my friends, an explanation of the advertisement eludes me. Feel free to put your two cents in…

2 responses

  1. Caption: "Posing for stock photos is good money and all. But I just hope some shmucky band doesn't use it for shock value to grab attention for their crappy album."


  2. Either:1) I'm a hard working guy, and I can really use some rest…listening to some Jewish music might help me relaxor2) It's been a long day at the plantation…I would love to kill some white slave owners. Then I'll finally have real menucha.


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