This Year’s Hanukkah Gifts


Now that the last day of Chanukah is just about here, it’s time for The Notorious R.A.V.’s annual list of Chanukah gifts you wish you had received.

While the book was published a few year’s back, it’s never too late for some Jewish reading material. Still, it’s high on the Jewish interest list: Ron Jeremy: The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz . The book is about a Jewish guy from Queens, who goes to Hebrew school, becomes a Bar Mitzvah, and goes on to disprove the most circulated stereotype about Jewish men through his career as a porn star.

For the pet (or pet lover) in your life, there’s always room for another chew toy. How about a Mohel scissors chew toy? Available wherever fine Jewish pet toys are sold.

In case you missed it during the campaign, lots of Obama campaign stuff in Hebrew is still out there. Go to

From Rabbi’s, one of the gems of Jewish web businesses, you can get sweatpants (or panties) that tell the world what you’re thinking.

Last year, a friend gave me the Heeb magazine swimsuit edition as a gift. Copies are still available. Too funny and too much attitude to even begin to
describe. From the same people who brought strip dreidel events to locations near you.

The Moses action figure is a staple at our Seder table. Hey, Passover is only months away!

There is now a siddur that fits on your Blackberry. It’s not yet clear to me whether you are supposed to hit “send” in order to pray, or whether you are just supposed to read from it. But apparently people buy this…I saw someone mumbling to their Blackberry at a Kosher pizza place on Long Island. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and say that perhaps she was reciting Birkat Ha-mazon/Grace after Meals.

And finally, there’s a new twist on old games: No Limit Texas Dreidel. Combining old school dreidel with Texas Hold ‘Em, some entrepreneurs developed this truly amusing game for members of the tribe who’ve outgrown your basic dreidel spinning. Modern is the company that’s putting this out there, and I suspect that this annual list hasn’t seen the last of them (they seem to have just the right amount of attitude).

If you didn’t get what you wanted this year, be sure to put these on your lists for people to get for you next year.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out to No Limit Texas Dreidel! Love the pimp


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